By Anthony Gaenzle published December 19, 2014

5 Ways to Get More ROI From Your Next Conference

You can get more ROI from your conference participation when you create content before, during, and after the event. These five tips will help your brand’s content marketing, and get the bosses to say yes to that next conference trip. Continue reading

By Pamela Muldoon published December 16, 2014

Jim Kukral Tells Why Now Is The Time to Conquer Your Book

Have you been thinking about writing a book? In this episode of Content Marketing NEXT, Jim Kukral, Author Marketing Institute, joins host Pamela Muldoon to motivate you on why now is the perfect time and what’s up next for publishing. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published December 11, 2014

How Entrepreneurs Can Conquer Goliath with Content Marketing [Announcing Content Inc.]

Malcolm Gladwell made sense of the legend of David and Goliath, and today Content Marketing Institute launches a new initiative to help entrepreneurs and startups make sense of how content can boost their business. It’s Content Inc. Continue reading

By Pamela Muldoon published December 9, 2014

Ann Handley Talks Writing Ridiculously Well

Marketing Profs’ Ann Handley joins “Content Marketing NEXT” to talk about why good content creators must be good writers, how the industry’s evolved since her first book four years ago, and why she can’t choose one buzzword to blast. Continue reading

By Jay Acunzo published December 4, 2014

Twitter’s Founder Unintentionally Gave Content Marketers the Best Advice Ever

Content marketers tend to attack the work like kids at a sundae bar – scooping up as many toppings as they can to have the most or best creation. Avoid the ice cream sundae syndrome with these steps inspired by Twitter’s founder. Continue reading

By Pamela Muldoon published December 2, 2014

Why Social Media Marketing Isn’t Enough

Why should your brand be a social business? In this week’s “Content Marketing NEXT”, Bernie Borges explains, and talks with Pamela Muldoon about what’s new, next, and which buzzword he thinks is five years out of date. Continue reading

By Mike Nierengarten published November 30, 2014

Why Your Content Is Sabotaging Your Lead Generation

Lead-generation campaigns typically fail when brands use content originally intended for another purpose instead of providing new content that their targeted audience actually wants. Discover how to create successful lead-gen content. Continue reading

By Emily King published November 28, 2014

How to Tell a Compelling B2B Story Using Comics

Renewed interest comic books can mean good things for your B2B content marketing: You can stand out when you tell compelling stories using this visual medium. Discover the three things every comic must have to engage readers. Continue reading

By Jodi Harris published November 27, 2014

A Cornucopia of Content Marketing Inspiration

To show our thanks for the resources that help us stay informed, the CMI team shares a list of those we rely on to support our content marketing (and personal) missions. We couldn’t do our jobs without these influencers and resources. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published November 26, 2014

25 Content Marketing Truths

Two things I learned from my grandpa: Helping others is everything and amazing storytelling gets you most places in life. That’s how I feel about content marketing. So thanks to organizations that believe and practice these 25 truths. Continue reading