By Devesh Khanal published January 26, 2015

How to Use Seed Content to Build Relationships with Influencers

How do you get influencers to give you the time of day? Add value. But how do you do that? Create ultra-useful, relationship-building seed content. Learn how with these three steps that helped a company generate 6 million impressions. Continue reading

By Pamela Muldoon published January 21, 2015

How The Chicken Whisperer Built a Media Empire in Backyard Poultry

In this Claim Your Fame, host Andrew Davis challenges you to go small to get a big return from your content. Learn how FishTV was born accidentally and discover how The Chicken Whisperer turned a small radio show into a national brand. Continue reading

By Pamela Muldoon published January 20, 2015

How One Nonprofit Raised $150 Million Going Outside Tradition

Raising $150 million in five years without traditional marketing? charity: water did it with creativity to inspire, activate, and experience. Hear from its former digital director who shares why that is what’s new, now, and next. Continue reading

By Jason Miller published January 20, 2015

The New Era of the Hybrid Marketer

Being a one-dimensional marketer is not a good way to get ahead. Today’s successful marketers are hybrids. We integrate old and new channels into one overall marketing strategy. Learn what you need to know to be a good hybrid marketer. Continue reading

By Sergio Aicardi published January 19, 2015

7 Key Pieces of Advice about Web Content Strategy from Matt Cutts

In over 500 videos, Google’s Matt Cutts answered the questions businesses asked. abbreviates them all. Want to learn his insight into website content? Start with these seven abbreviated answers and author takeaways. Continue reading

By Aubrae Wagner published January 18, 2015

5 Steps to Run Effective Large-scale Content Projects

Tackling a large-scale content project – think 1.6 million words in 12 weeks – isn’t pretty or easy. But it is doable if you lay the foundation to guide and support a great team of content producers with these five manageable steps. Continue reading

By Steven Macdonald published January 13, 2015

The 5 Pillars of Successful Content Marketing

Content marketing spending is increasing, but traditional marketers still struggle with the shift to a pull strategy. If you have ever been asked how content marketing can really work, share these five pillars with the inquisitors. Continue reading

By Dan Smith published January 11, 2015

5 Tips to Help Your Colleagues Become Successful Content Creators

Forcing in-house staff to be content creators can cause a lot of headaches. Discover this almost foolproof method to ensure colleagues not only get on board with the strategy but also become key contributors who truly want to participate. Continue reading

By Pamela Muldoon published January 8, 2015

The Pivot: Prolific Blogger Shares the Key to Future Marketing Success

In The Pivot, Todd Wheatland talks with Mark Schaefer whose 25-year corporate career was the ideal foundation for his success as a consultant, prolific blogger, and author. Learn the one thing he thinks is the future of marketing. Continue reading

By Scott Aughtmon published January 8, 2015

5 Content Domination Lessons From a Furniture Maker Turned Publisher

In the 1920s, a furniture maker turned an in-house publication into a magazine that remains one of the most recognized titles in the world. His story reveals five content-creation lessons that can help you dominate your industry. Continue reading