By Mike Murray published April 26, 2015

68 SEO Content Tools, Trends, and Tips for B2B and B2C Brands

Time-strapped, budget-conscious B2B and B2C marketers can’t afford to make unwise choices with SEO and content marketing. These SEO tools and tips can help you make good decisions and use your marketing dollars well. Continue reading

By Andrew Davies published April 24, 2015

Use Data to Help Your Engagement Conundrum

How do you create content relevant to your brand AND your audience? Cultivate the data – yours and others – to uncover what really engages the audience. Measure regularly to ensure your content strategy evolves with your audience.
Continue reading

By Ryan Stewart published April 17, 2015

Jump-Start Your Video Optimization and Promotion

You already know the power of video uploads. The real challenge lies in getting your videos viewed and ranked. Jump-start the signals with these easy and practical optimization and promotion tips that you can start doing today. Continue reading

By Neil Patel published April 15, 2015

How to Write Content That Engages Mobile Readers

Your responsive website’s spectacular mobile design means you’re prepared for Google’s new emphasis on mobile-friendly search results, right? Wrong. You’re neglecting the most critical feature – mobile copywriting. Yes, it’s a thing. Continue reading

By Brian Watson published April 13, 2015

Is Time Really the Problem? Break the Bottlenecks in Content Production

Having time to create content is more about the flow from production to publication than it is about following time-management tips. Use these five steps to identify the bottlenecks and make the business case to get them resolved. Continue reading

By Neil Patel published March 30, 2015

8 Absolutely Brilliant Content Marketing Innovations from the World’s Best Brands

You’re about to witness some of the most amazing content marketing in the world. When it comes to innovation, power, and masterful expertise, these eight B2B and B2C brands are the ones to watch. Why? So you can learn and imitate. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published March 28, 2015

This Week in Content Marketing: The Third Era of the Internet Has Begun

In This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert discuss AOL founder’s take on the Internet’s 3rd era. They ponder if LEGO magazine went off the rails. Plus, the duo talks PR’s role in content marketing, podcast revenue model, raves, and rants. Continue reading

By Neil Patel published March 23, 2015

5 Engagement-Driven Elements You Should Add to Every Blog Post

Everyone wants engagement from their content. The problem is we’re not quite sure of the best way to get it. It’s one area that’s more art than science. Here are five things to consider adding to every blog post to increase engagement. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published March 21, 2015

This Week in Content Marketing: Starbucks Announces Next Move as Media Company

In this episode, Joe and Robert talk Starbucks hiring a Washington Post editor. Plus, they rant about “branded content” and Nokia’s content marketing “campaign” with Wired. Raves include a new formula to measure content marketing. Continue reading

By Jay Acunzo published March 18, 2015

Learn the Secrets Behind 5 Great Content Marketing Projects

Biologists appreciate how millions of tiny parts fit together to make the whole work. Great content marketers understand quality content comes from dozens of small, unseen choices, tactics, and techniques. Here are five great examples. Continue reading