By Marcia Riefer Johnston published May 5, 2016

From 2 Hours to 2 Minutes: How This CMI Duo Blew Away a Tedious, Unscalable Content Task


If you’re looking for smarter ways to use content technology in your marketing, I hope that this story inspires you as it has me. It’s about two of my colleagues at the Content Marketing Institute – IT Director Dave Anthony and E-media Manager Laura Kozak – who put heads together to automate a tedious, unscalable website task, saving Laura time and improving the experience for the CMI audience.Continue Reading

By Steven Keith published May 4, 2016

How to Solve 5 Barriers to Implementing Content Marketing Programs

Solving content marketing barriers

Over 90% of CMOs agree that their organizations must develop a publishing function to execute their growth agenda and manage the rising cost and complexity of content operations, according to a Forbes 2015 report Publish or Perish.

With near unanimity on the need to drive strategic content marketing, many companies are looking more seriously into what building a content publishing function into their organizations would look like, and how it might function.Continue Reading

By Barry Feldman published May 3, 2016

The Blog Post Checklist for Cranking Your Search Ranking

By Michael Brenner published May 2, 2016

The Secret to Content Marketing ROI

By Kelsey Meyer published May 1, 2016

How to Match Key Metrics With Your Content Goals

By Joe Pulizzi published April 30, 2016

This Week in Content Marketing: The Future of Television Advertising Is Native

By Dan Steiner published April 29, 2016

7 Less Obvious Tools to Improve Your Visual Content

By Jill Talvensaari published April 28, 2016

The DAM Truth: All You Need to Know About Digital Asset Management

By Jodi Harris published April 27, 2016

24 ‘Baller’ Tactical Plays That Will Up Your Content Marketing Game

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