By Pamela Muldoon published March 3, 2015

Robert Rose Says Content-driven Experiences Are the Next Era


To prep you for the Intelligent Content Conference March 23-25 in San Francisco, Content Marketing NEXT is speaking with a few of ICC’s speakers.

Interviewing CMI’s Chief Strategy Officer Robert Rose is always a treat. His approach to content as an industry, an art form, and a science is engaging and insightful. In this interview for Content Marketing NEXT, Robert provides some great nuggets as he gets ready for the launch of his new book, co-authored with Carla Johnson, Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing.

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By Michael Brenner published March 3, 2015

Get the Biggest SEO Bang for Your Content Marketing Buck

brenner-seo-content-marketing-buck-coverOne of the biggest questions we get from our customers is how to get the most value from their content marketing budget. So like any decent and respectable content marketers, we do our best to answer our customers’ top questions.

My biggest secrets for SEO and your content marketing budget? Content doesn’t have to be that expensive. You don’t have to create it all. You don’t have to use paid distribution to drive all your traffic.Continue Reading

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