By Dawn Papandrea published September 30, 2016

Brand Museums: How Companies Tell Their Stories


As brands seek new ways to tell their stories, some are finding value in creating brand museums to showcase their company history and heritage. Whether it’s a dedicated space in a flagship store or global headquarters, or a standalone venue such as the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee or the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Germany, nostalgic on-site visitor experiences can be an effective form of content marketing.

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“Heritage plays really well with audiences,” says Jason Dressel, managing director of client strategy and development for The History Factory, a heritage-management agency that recently helped launch the New Balance Global Headquarters Visitor Engagement Center and museum display, among many other projects. “There’s a reason why there’s ‘throwback Thursday’ and ‘flashback Friday’ on social media. People respond favorably to this kind of content,” he says.Continue Reading

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clean-up-content-messes“Do our content reviews need to take so long?”

“Why do our writers keep reinventing the wheel?”

“Why do the articles in the same part of our website take such different approaches?”Continue Reading

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