By Michele Bollig published August 20, 2014

Take Your Event Beyond Its Venue: 4 Content Marketing Ideas

crowd-presentation roomFor the fourth year in a row, B2B marketers rated in-person events as the most effective tactic they use in their arsenal of options. In fact, 70 percent of marketers favor in-person events over nine other top tactics, including videos, case studies and eBooks. While you’re probably already using in-person events as a resource for your overall content creation plan, a common challenge is knowing how to best promote the event through relevant content so that its value lives on.

Here are some practical tips on how to get the best ROI out of your events through strategic content marketing. By the way, while these tips are based on my experience with invitational in-person events, they can be used for online events, road shows, industry trade shows, or user conferences, as well.Continue Reading

By Michele Linn published August 19, 2014

Marketing Research: How Enterprises Structure, Scale, and Spend on Content

content marketing research cover-enterprisesWhile the vast majority of organizations seem to be adopting content marketing in some shape or form, there are several questions that continue to confound them:

  • How should we operationalize around this discipline?
  • How are marketing leaders in our industry scaling this discipline?
  • How much are those leaders spending — and on what, specifically?

These are especially complex challenges for large, enterprise organizations to have to face.Continue Reading

By Joe Pulizzi published August 18, 2014

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By Rebecca Watson published August 17, 2014

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Make Your Visual Content Stand Out With a Signature Brand Look

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