By Pamela Muldoon published March 5, 2015

Damon Klotz Shares Lessons Learned Early On


This episode of The Pivot offers a lesson in taking charge of your professional career to make big things happen. On a somewhat busy city street in Brisbane, Australia, host Todd Wheatland is joined by Damon Klotz, Global Digital Strategy Manager, Ramsay Health Care.

Damon shares a journey that started while he was in college, when he created his own personal online brand. He talks about how to create your own definition of success by working on projects that drive your interest and passion. Regardless of where you are in your career, you can take a lesson from this young marketing professional.Continue Reading

By Stephen Moyers published March 5, 2015

How To Fix 9 Harmful Misconceptions about Content Marketing

Moyer-misconceptions-content-marketing-coverContent marketing has become a buzz phrase, not unlike “inbound,” “SEO,” and other words thrown around by digital marketers.

All real and worthwhile concepts, these words – perhaps because of their relative newness – tend to be used as blanket terms that describe a laundry list of things. For example, “content marketing” is often used interchangeably with “social media.”Continue Reading

By Joe Pulizzi published March 4, 2015

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How Guest Blogging Solved My SEO Problem

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