By Joe Pulizzi published September 23, 2017

This Week in Content Marketing: Advertising Groups Loathe Apple’s New Browser Policy

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In this week’s episode

This week, Robert ponders the nature of risk. In the news, we discuss Apple’s new browser settings that have the advertising associations crying wolf. Google kills its “first click free” setting for all pay walls, and Rolling Stone gets put up for sale. Our rants and raves include the fall of bundled television and the Ohio Lottery; then we close the show with an example of the week from Fearless Girl.

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By Kevin Lund published September 22, 2017

How to Keep Your Content Marketing Strategy From Getting Hijacked


You finally get the C-suite on board with implementing a content marketing program. Not just starting a blog or Twitter account, but developing a strategy and using a real plan – one that understands your audience, how to meet their needs, and where to find them.

Fast forward … You started. You sweated. You launched. Your audience took notice and took action. Your strategy is working (for the moment) and your client/boss is happy. But before you put on your party hat, beware the trouble that may lie ahead.
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