By Joe Pulizzi published February 6, 2016

This Week in Content Marketing: The Guardian Gets Aggressive with Native Advertising Terms

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In this week’s episode, Robert and I discuss Dave Winer’s concerns about Medium as a publishing platform. We agree with his thinking, but envision one scenario where it could make sense as a publishing platform for marketers. Next, we share our takes on a new Forbes Insights/PwC study that says content marketers are still struggling with content personalization. Finally, we agree that the Guardian’s decision to rename its native advertising and sponsored content is much ado about nothing; customers will still be confused. Rants and raves include an article about the crucial elements of customer experience and Joe’s growing frustration with pundits who criticize content marketing but don’t offer alternatives to it. We wrap up the show with an example from Chief Optimist by Xerox.Continue Reading

By Scott Severson published February 5, 2016

Content Marketing’s Secret Sauce? Good Workflow


Have you found the secret sauce to managing your content? Or do you operate with a cobbled-together system that gets the job done?

If you’re just getting the job done, you’re not alone. In a recent survey with our clients, we learned that almost 86% manage their content marketing with a combination of Microsoft Word, Excel, and email.Continue Reading

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