By Brian Watson published July 7, 2015

Are Organizational Silos Keeping Your Content Marketing Team From Success?


Simplifying the process is a primary concern for content marketers. As organizations get larger and more complex, they switch from having one person who handles social and PR to hiring whole teams to handle different aspects of the content marketing process. These might include search teams, SEO teams, and PR teams.

The problem arises when these teams get tunnel vision, focusing on what their metrics are without understanding and contributing to the whole vision of the marketing department. Silos develop, creating a domino effect of increasing complexity. In my role at Adobe, one of my major initiatives focuses on breaking down these silos.Continue Reading

By Roger C. Parker published July 6, 2015

Latest Must-Reads: Summertime Books for Content Marketers on the Go (or on Vacation)


It’s that time again, time for my third annual mid-year roundup of recommended recently published books for content marketers. Self-education never ends for content marketers … even when vacations roll around.

As always, one of my goals is to highlight the latest must-reads from within the content marketing community. And, several of the following were written by familiar content marketing all-stars.Continue Reading

By Carla Johnson published July 5, 2015

Aon Stops Shoveling Quicksand, Partners With Manchester United

By Joe Pulizzi published July 4, 2015

This Week in Content Marketing: Who Didn’t Launch a Content Marketing Agency This Week?

By Keith Goldberg published July 3, 2015

The State of Social Media: 4 Brand Marketers Speak

By Michele Linn published July 2, 2015

3 Content Strategy Practices That Will Make You a Better Content Marketer

By Mike Fishbein published July 1, 2015

How to Get Guest Posts Published on Top Sites

By Jodi Harris published June 30, 2015

SlideShare Secrets to Stack the Decks in Your Favor

By Joe Pulizzi published June 29, 2015

The One Ingredient Your Content Marketing Program Is Missing

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