By Brad Young published August 27, 2014

Use Experiments to Improve Your Content Marketing Plan: 9 Ideas

testing lab image-white-suited guyLet’s gather round, fellow brand publishers, and join hands. It’s circle-of-trust time, and so we need to be honest with each other here:

When it comes down to it, we are in the business of selling stuff.

The purists among us (has content marketing been a thing long enough to separate purists from disruptors?) will argue that it is about story, narrative arc, integrity of journalistic principles… Yes, yes, and yes — quality certainly counts. But ultimately, it is about the business. We are employed to drive revenue.Continue Reading

By L. Williams published August 26, 2014

6 Tips for Influencer Marketing from an Influencer

hand holding card-influencer marketingEvery day I log onto my computer, check email, and head to my social networks. I think about my list of to-dos: I need to write content, create videos, do a podcast, connect with my group of 750 ambassadors, update social media marketing accounts, put together an editorial calendar, reach out to advertisers, check with my accountant, plan an upcoming online summit, work on my new website, develop the programming for my membership site — and that doesn’t even factor in my full-time position as a freelance writer and editor.Continue Reading

By Carla Johnson published August 25, 2014

Build Strong Brand Storytelling From the Inside Out

By Pawan Deshpande published August 24, 2014

The Content Marketing Pyramid: Create More With Less

By Joe Pulizzi published August 23, 2014

This Week in Content Marketing: When Native Advertising Erodes Trust

By Ann Gynn published August 22, 2014

Purpose-Driven Content Marketing: Brands That Give and Get

By Arnie Kuenn published August 21, 2014

How to Pitch the Power of Content Marketing to Your Boss

By Michele Bollig published August 20, 2014

Take Your Event Beyond Its Venue: 4 Content Marketing Ideas

By Michele Linn published August 19, 2014

Marketing Research: How Enterprises Structure, Scale, and Spend on Content

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