By Arnie Kuenn published August 22, 2017

Content Amplification: How to Promote and Distribute Content Effectively


For a long time, focusing on search intent and organic traffic was all you needed to be successful. That still holds true for organic traffic.

However, organic traffic is only one part of the complex puzzle that is digital marketing. As the adoption of content marketing has grown, so has competition for search terms and audience attention – especially in competitive industries. A lot of content pollution muddies the ocean of content marketing.

Let’s talk about a scary scenario: What happens when organic traffic isn’t driving the results you need to bring your business success? Or when you see results but not enough to make your boss/CEO/manager happy with your content marketing ROI?

The bottom line: If content is not converting on its own, it’s hard to prove the ROI of content marketing.

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By Ann Gynn published August 21, 2017

Who Would You Add to Your Content Marketing Team?


Content marketing team members’ titles may differ from company to company, but the tasks they are expected to perform are somewhat standard across the board – writing, editing, designing, publishing, and distributing.

But what if you could add the skill set of someone who works in another functional area – from another department or even outside your industry? What role or person would you want to incorporate into your team?

We asked the presenters at Content Marketing World 2017 what they would do. Their answers are enlightening – and in most cases, realistic.

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By Heather Levy published August 20, 2017

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