By Pawan Deshpande published November 23, 2014

8 Metrics to Conquer a Content Marketer’s Fear of Measurement

15077175519_6a31362dcd_zWhile creating and publishing content may be easy, measuring content marketing is a hard and daunting task. Earlier this year, I asked 24 content marketing experts to name the one  most important metric to which they pay attention. The responses were across the board. Clearly, there’s no one way to measure content marketing.

Since there are so many metrics for content marketing, and even more tools used to measure them, I recently created a framework that covers eight types of possible metrics. Keep in mind that not all of these metrics apply to all types of content. The framework is broken down by channel, so you can get specific examples of each metric.Continue Reading

By Joe Pulizzi published November 22, 2014

This Week in Content Marketing: Facebook Continues To Mess with Your Content

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PNR: This Old Marketing with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose can be found on both iTunes and Stitcher.

In this week’s episode, Robert and I discuss Facebook’s latest changes to its feed algorithm and give kudos to a thoughtfully written article that debunks four myths about digital media. We praise Sparksheet’s interview with Marriott’s David Beebe, which gives an inside look at the company’s ingenious approach to content marketing. We also share our opinions on articles that predict a big increase in native advertising and the future of content marketing. Rants and raves include Airbnb’s new print magazine and an evocative Christmas ad from Sainsbury’s. We wrap up the show with a #This Old Marketing example from TD Ameritrade.

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