By Kristina Podnar published December 8, 2016

One Surprising Way to Inject More Creativity Into Your Marketing


Let’s be honest. As a marketer, do you love standards for creating and managing content in the digital world or do you, like many of the people I talk with, consider them an unnecessary hindrance to creativity? If you find yourself in the latter camp or if you’re not sure of the value of digital standards or even what they are, I hope that you’ll read on. When digital standards are positioned correctly within an organization, they not only give your audience better content experiences, but they also boost your team’s creativity.Continue Reading

By Joe Pulizzi published December 7, 2016

Want to Commit to Content Marketing? Prioritize the Right Things [New UK Research]

content-marketing-research-ukEach year during my Content Marketing World keynote talk, I highlight one theme I think is critical for all marketers to understand. This year, that theme is commitment. As I (perhaps boldly) stated, you need to go all in or do nothing.

However, the idea of commitment can feel kind of nebulous. It’s a mindset. So what exactly do you need to do? Asked another way, what are marketers who are committed doing differently – and why is this mindset so critical?Continue Reading

By Cathy McPhillips published December 6, 2016

Practical Tips to Calm the Most Extreme Public-Speaking Jitters

By Joe Pulizzi published December 5, 2016

Not Documenting Your Content Marketing Strategy?  Here’s What to Do About It

By Jonathan Franchell published December 4, 2016

10 Ways Content Marketing and Sales Teams Can Work Together

By Joe Pulizzi published December 3, 2016

This Week in Content Marketing: Could Brands Cure Traditional Media’s Run to Eyeballs?

By Sarah Rickerd published December 2, 2016

Why Freelance Content Writers Aren’t Getting the Results You Want

By Jenny Knizner published December 1, 2016

Google Analytics + Marketing Automation: How to Get Better Insights About Your Audience

By Michele Linn published November 30, 2016

Get Control of Your Content Marketing Ideas So You Can Take Action

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