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Organic Search Traffic: One of the Best Reasons for Content Marketing

Published: 2022-04-26

SEO constantly changes. But what doesn’t change are the benefits of organic search to meet your content marketing’s organizational goals.
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Organic Search Rankings: How to Boost Your CTR

Published: 2021-11-15

Yes, rankings matter in search. But once your site is on the first SERP, are people clicking on your links? Here’s what you need to know and how to boost your CTR if it’s underperforming. Continue reading

3 Tools to Optimize Your Old Content to Build More Organic Search Traffic

Published: 2019-01-07

You spent hours (and maybe days) creating that content. It enjoyed solid exposure when it first went live but, months later, it’s neglected and almost ignored. How can you put that old content to better use? Reoptimize it. Here’s how. Continue reading

SEO for Digital Content Marketing: How To Optimize for Search in 2023

Published: 2023-01-03

Expect SEO in 2023 to be more nuanced than ever. Creating helpful content remains the best SEO strategy. And paying extra attention to these eight areas will help your content remain (or become) a digital marketing powerhouse. Continue reading

4 Ways To Win With Video – the ‘It’ Content Format for 2023 [Research and Examples]

Published: 2022-11-01

Standing out in the crowded video space will take more creativity in 2023. Discover what the CMI’s newly released research says and get inspired by six award-winning examples. Continue reading

Video Grows in Importance But Doesn’t Reach Full Potential [New Research]

Published: 2022-10-27

Video remains a top priority in content marketing programs. But how well are marketers using the popular format? What do they need to do better? Find out that and more in the newly released 2022 Video and Visual Storytelling survey. Continue reading

How To Avoid Going Down Google’s Instant Answer Search Trap

Published: 2022-09-15

Don’t throw everything into a zero-click SEO strategy. And don’t give up on earning higher rankings in search engine results. Reflect on these 10 ideas to operate in the modern Google search environment. Continue reading

Google Remakes Search Again ­– This Time for “Omnibuyers”

Published: 2022-05-27

Google announced major changes to its search experience this week, catering to the rise of “omnibuyers” by making search more visual and commerce-focused. How will this search future affect content … Continue reading

Tech Marketers Shine But Face a Big Hurdle: Content Operations [New Research]

Published: 2022-03-23

Tech marketers have a good handle on content marketing, according to the latest CMI research. But that doesn’t mean they’ve avoided the challenges and growing pains experienced by their colleagues in other industries. Continue reading

How To Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Your Content for Improved Search Results

Published: 2022-03-10

The reduce, reuse, recycle model of waste management can be a great strategy search-focused content. It can help snip and prune the content weighing down your content’s search engine results. Continue reading