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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Account-Based Success

Get the guide: Aligning Account-Based Marketing to Account-Based Selling

Ready to start closing deals in your target accounts?

Aligning account-based marketing (ABM) to account-based selling (ABS) is the ultimate link to ensure you have plenty of the right deals in the pipeline poised to close.

Effective ABM execution doesn’t happen accidentally. You need the right plan and client insights to reach your goals. While ABM is not a new concept, account-based selling is a newer notion to complement and support the progressive activities of the sales process.

In this white paper, we will address:

  • The connection points between ABM and ABS
  • The key roles impacting ABM and ABS success
  • The evolution of Account-Based Everything (ABE)
  • Tactics to identify potential gaps in alignment between ABM and ABS
  • Evaluating the MarTech stack to optimize ABM and ABS
  • The revenue rewards of aligning ABM and ABS