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Lead Scoring for Success [White Paper]

Lead Scoring for Success

Kentico White PaperA company’s website is still one of the most important sales and marketing tools for attracting new customers. A major priority for Marketers is a continuous flow of high quality leads to pass on to Sales. Often only a small percentage of leads are deemed sales-ready, while the remaining leads are frequently left to languish. To remedy the situation, Marketers are turning to lead scoring to rank customer interest shown for company products and the customer fit to buyer personas and target markets.

Instead of throwing away countless leads because they don’t immediately rank as sales-ready, they can be nurtured to potentially grow into “hot” leads. More sales-ready leads resulting from lead scoring and lead nurturing usually produce more closed deals and revenue growth. And Sales has greater confidence in the work that Marketing is doing to generate high quality leads.

In this 8-page white paper, you will learn how to:

  • Get More Out of Leads
  • Establish & Optimize a Successful Lead Scoring System
  • Leverage Lead Scoring with Other Online Marketing Features like Marketing Automation
  • Avoid Problems through Best Practices
  • Use Lead Nurturing to take Leads to Sales-Readiness
  • Develop Lead Scoring on Your Website in 5 Minutes with No Programing Involved

Learn more by downloading the Lead Scoring for Success Whitepaper.

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