Finding Comfort in Content

Small tweaks to your marketing infrastructure (teams, technologies, and operational processes) can lead to big improvements in how your content engine performs.

Finding smarter ways to operate and address customers’ needs is always a top priority in content marketing. Now that disruptions are a day-to-day reality for everyone, we hope the productivity tips, creative resources, and customer experience advice we’re sharing this month will help you progress toward your content goals – even in times of great uncertainty.

Drop us a line to share your feedback and questions. Starting next month, we’ll be staring down some of the elephants in our (virtual) conference rooms, including how to overcome the fear of change, how too much data can lead to analysis paralysis, and more. Be sure to subscribe to receive all the latest from CCO.

Stephanie Stahl Sig
Stephanie Stahl
General Manager, CMI

April: Editorial Operations

Tech-Free Tricks for Dialing Up Your Content Operations

Clare McDermott

Relying on productivity tools can mask deeper operational issues that lead to low content quality and sub-par team performance. Forget the tech Band-Aids and focus on these four concepts to reduce the strain on your editorial systems.


The Optimal Content Experience: Lofty Ideal or Achievable Reality? [Audio Extras]

Brands aspire to deliver frictionless content experiences across all touchpoints, yet so few seem to nail it in their execution. Are there steps marketers can take to resolve this disconnect or is it simply unrealistic to strive for perfection?


A Marketer's Guide to Catching and Keeping a Journalist

Journalists and marketers share many of the same storytelling goals – they just approach them in different ways. Here’s how your brand can realize the considerable benefits of working with a highly trained writing pro.


How to Bring Audiences Together in the Social-Distancing Era

COVID-19 is turning handshakes into health hazards, yet marketers still need to stay connected to their customers. Take a look at how you can use webinars, virtual conferences, and other digital experiences to foster trust and build community in a touch-free world.

March: Collaboration Redefined

Find Your Agency-Client Groove With a Contract That Sets the Right Rhythm [Video]

Melissa Harrison

Conflicting expectations and communication styles can stress any agency-client relationship to its breaking point. To improve understanding and cooperation, try taking a more choreographed approach to creating your service contract.


Do You Have a Playbook for Long-Term Success?

You can’t fake great teamwork. But you can steal a few collaboration secrets from an agency that’s achieved big wins with an approach that aligns goals, clarifies processes, and strengthens quality. Take a page from its playbook on how to turn a successful campaign into a sustainable model for team excellence.


Earn Brand Bonus Points With a Better Blog Experience [Video]

You didn’t ask for it, but he’s dishing it out anyway. This month, Andrew Davis pleads with the CMO at rental car company Hertz to give its blog experience a much-needed upgrade.


Why You Should Give a Damn About DAM

Digital media assets have become easier to create and use, yet more challenging to manage. If you’re looking for a way to ease the pain in your assets, it’s time to consider a DAM system.

February: Putting Tech in Its Place

What to Expect When You’re Experimenting

Jodi Harris

Exploring new tech options can take your content engagement to new heights – if it doesn’t plunge your processes into a world of chaos first. Prepare to add new dimensions to your brand’s story with an experimentation method that won’t blow up in your face.


Get Ready to Ride the Next Visual Content Wave

Audiences demand content in the exciting visual formats; but are your teams prepared to surf the challenging seas of creative innovation? Follow this plan to answer their call for seamless and stimulating visual experiences.


Tech for Eating, Netflix Cheating, and Taking Selfies on the Moon

Fresh content marketing ideas, including a dating app from KFC, Apollo’s moonshot, Netflix cheating stats, and ice cream for breakfast.


AI for Marketing: Make It Work for You

What are the most interesting, unusual, and worthwhile applications of AI in marketing? Discover how machine learning and predictive analytics are reshaping the marketing landscape and what new tools marketers are piloting.

January: Teams and Targeting

Crush Your Content Goals With a Team Built on Talents, Not Tasks [Video]

Carla Johnson

Failing to account for the innate talents of your marketing team members is setting them up for frustration, instead of helping them drive innovation. It’s time to end the infighting with a strengths-based approach to building teams.


Retool Your Demand-Gen Engine for High-Performance ABM [Video]

Demand-gen engines need to be fine-tuned for the challenges of the new ABM track. Follow this road map to ready your team for the twists and turns of this new course.


What’s Killing the Case Study: A Whodunit Mystery

Case studies commonly get shrouded in uniformity and self-promotion. But by piecing together clues from your audience and getting your customer stories straight, this oft-misunderstood format can serve as a showcase of customer success.


Inside LinkedIn’s High-Impact Content Marketing Team

Peek behind great content marketing efforts and you’ll nearly always find a driven, well-organized team. LinkedIn’s content strategy leader explains what it took to build and manage theirs.


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