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Infographics in 15 Minutes

Fifteen minutes might just be the perfect length for a presentation. It forces the speaker to focus on the essentials, and it’s over before the audience’s minds begin to wander. When I present, How to Create Attention, Interest and Sales with Infographics at next month’s Content Marketing World, I’ll have just that: 15 minutes to help the audience better understand what is quickly becoming one of the most popular content marketing formats — the infographic.

It’s a meaty topic for such a short amount of time. But thanks to the impact of visual communications, I think this hand-drawn deck,  developed in collaboration with data visualization superstars JESS3, is up to the task. The goal was to create a slideshow that  felt like an infographic, which  is a presentation that visualizes information in a way that allows the audience to consume it in a blink. After all, if value is being transferred, then fifteen minutes is over in a blink.

Infographics in 15 Minutes

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The session looks at the rise in infographics from three perspectives: What types have proven effective for marketers, what attributes make for a successful product, and tips on how to go about measuring the impact. It samples some of the most interesting, provocative, and even funny infographics published in the past several years, and it unabashedly borrows practical counsel shared in the Social Media ProBook by the single greatest infographics designer I know: JESS3’s Robin Richards.

Enjoy this deck, and I welcome your feedback either on this blog or, better still, at Content Marketing World.