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How One Small Habit for Content Marketers Can Make a Big Difference

We’ve all heard the expression, “don’t sweat the small stuff”, right? It’s strategic advice reminding us not to get diverted by inconsequential activity. The great thing about content marketing is, sometimes, the small things can produce big results.

A large part of marketing includes reading and keeping abreast of current trends and industry experts. How often do you leave comments on the blog posts or discussion forums you’re reading? You may not realize it, but this simple action can produce appreciable benefit to you and your company.

I know, commenting takes time, and your to-do list is already long. But, consider these four benefits if you take an extra couple of minutes and weigh in on the topic at hand.

Improve Your SEO

While you control a fair amount of your search engine rankings through website content and keyword optimization, leaving prints around the web also impresses the search engines. In an effort to avoid spam, nearly every reputable website requires you to leave your URL creating, in turn, one more link for the search engines to consider.

Generate Business

Depending on the site, a sensible observation can go a long way to establishing your authority. The comment you leave should advance the idea in the article or contribute to the discussion. I closed business and acquired a new customer because of one remark I left on a post by Paul Hassing called “Dishing Dirt”.

Reciprocal PR

It’s not unusual to participate in a discussion on a blog and have the owner of the post join one of your discussions a few days later. If you’re a blogger, you’ll know one of the biggest gifts you can give another blogger is a well-placed comment along with a tweet or a Facebook post. Don’t be surprised when the favor is returned. It’s a lot easier than writing a guest post and a tacit endorsement from a reputable blogger can be just as valuable to your traffic. While the blogging rock stars can’t possibly participate in this activity, a local blogger probably has the ability to affect your business more profoundly.

Build Your Network

Both pithy observations and constructive criticism will provoke admirers to seek you out in other channels. If a comment resonates with me, I’ll find out if the person has a Twitter account or a Facebook page I can follow.

It’s important to remember every comment you leave is being analyzed by any number of readers. The ubiquitous “Great post!” adds no value and, done with regularity, can hurt your reputation. As you trawl around the web, join the conversations you find valuable and make your mark. Aim for making one new entry a day. You never know where it may lead.

What small habits have generated big returns for you? Add your suggestions in the comments!