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Statista Content Marketing Trend Study 2023

What are the greatest success factors and challenges in content marketing? How much budget gets earmarked for content marketing? Which formats and channels are especially popular? The Statista Content Marketing Trend Study 2023 has answers to these and other questions from B2B and B2C companies worldwide.

Every year, Statista surveys the international content marketing community in tandem with the Content Marketing Forum e.V. and CMCX and provide valuable insights and benchmarks in their study.

2023 also marks the fifth edition of the Statista Content Marketing Trend Study. In order to celebrate this anniversary in fitting style, Statista has compared some of the responses in this year’s study to those of previous editions.

The study offers you insights into the following topics:

  • Content marketing strategies
  • Content marketing budgets
  • Measuring success in content marketing
  • Popular content marketing channels and formats

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