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Stories By Tracy Gold

9 Ways to Use Content Marketing as a Recruiting Tool

Does your content marketing strategy ignore the very people who could help grow your company? Help your HR department and incorporate prospective employees into your content marketing with these nine recruiting tool tips.

SEO Plan: Ultimate 15-Step Checklist

SEO should be a lynchpin in any content marketing plan; but with search engines updating algorithms so frequently, how can a mortal content marketer keep up? Check out this SEO checklist to make sure you’re set up for success.

12 Lessons for Focusing Your Content Marketing Strategy on Education

Educating customers and prospects is a great way to generate the right kind of leads. What customers learn can help them in their search for products and services -- and help streamline the sales process for your organization. Use these 12 lessons to focus your content marketing strategy on education.

Content Strategy: 9 Secrets for Awesome Blog Titles for Posts

Titles aren't very long, but they are an extremely significant part of your content strategy because they draw readers into your content. Discover our 9 secrets for writing awesome blog post titles, and make your great posts stand out.

Compelling Content Titles: 12 Steps to Creating a Title Report

Titles play a key role in getting your content found, "liked," and shared. Create compelling content titles based on more than a gut feeling. Use these 12 steps for creating a title report.