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Stories By Steven Van Belleghem

4 Steps to Strengthen Your Social Media Channels

Many companies are struggling to capitalize on their use of social media. Take these 4 steps to strengthen your social media channels in order to spread content more effectively.

Content Marketing Research: 5 Ways You Should Adapt for 2013

As you begin planning your marketing strategies for next year, recent content marketing research points out five ways you should adapt for 2013. Find out what changes in online consumer behavior the global consumer survey uncovered.

The Conversation Company: Teaching Content Marketers to Tap into the Unused Conversation Potential

Steven Van Belleghem, author of "The Conversation Company," says his book is about tapping into unused conversation potential within companies. He advises content marketers to take advantage of client happiness and empowered employees.

How 3 Content Levels Can Make for Better Content Planning

Once you determine what kind of content your audience wants, you need to focus on presentation and delivery. Here's how organizing your content into three levels can make better content planning an understandable and achievable goal.