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Stories By Shelly Bowen

How A Strategy Can Help You Create Video Content Worth Watching

Just about anyone can create a video these days, but coming up with a compelling, worthwhile video is another story. Find out how a content strategy can help you create video content that's worth watching.

Bad News? How Your Email Content Can Deliver It Tactfully

Sometimes a brand has to communicate an uncomfortable story to its audience, without making it sound worse than it is. Find out how your email content can deliver bad news tactfully.

5 Great Starting Points for a Content Recycling Program

Great content comes from a variety of resources -- some of which you may already own. You will need to mix and match, edit and clip, rewrite and reinvent, but it puts you ahead of the game. What's more, cleverly recycling or repurposing content can save your company money. Here are some ideas to help you start collecting bits and pieces for your content recycling program.

How to Plan for Exceptional, Engaging Video Content

Video content can bring your brand to life. Reach and attract a new audience. Explain and visually communicate a new or complex process or product. Even better, these days you probably have several video cameras in the office — just check your co-workers’ phones. But before you hit “record,” it’s helpful to think about video much like you would any other type of online content: you need a strategy.