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Stories By Russell Sparkman

5 Content Marketing Lessons from Rick Springfield

Content Marketing World founder Joe Pulizzi slipped in a subliminal message with the entertainment on the biggest night of this year's conference. Boost your marketing success with these content marketing lessons from Rick Springfield.

How To Be a Successful Content Marketing Client

The first advertising agency is credited to George Reynell, who started what became known as Reynell & Sons in London, in 1812. The first PR agency, started by Edward Bernays, opened in 1919. So, we’ve had several centuries now of experience with how clients work with ad and PR agencies to promote their products, services or causes, but how should clients work with agencies when looking for help with content marketing?Continue reading

How To Plan a Video Budget

Content marketing clients interested in incorporating video into their publishing understandably start by asking the question, “how much does a video cost?” There’s no easy answer, of course. My own answer is usually prefaced with the analogy of trying to answer the question of “how much does it cost to build a house?” To answer that, we need to know intended use (full-time residence or summer home?); size (for a family of four or a single person?); and the quality of the materials (Home Depot fixtures or high-end functional art fixtures?).Continue reading