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Stories By Paul Roetzer


Cognitive Content Marketing: The Path to a More (Artificially) Intelligent Future

How much time does your team spend discovering keywords; planning, personalizing, and automating content; and more?  Imagine if a machine performed the majority of the activities and a marketer’s role was to enhance rather than create.

8 Ways Public Relations Can Fuel Successful Content Marketing

After months of hard work, your new B2B research report is set to launch. Your project management system has been stacked with all the standard elements of a successful content marketing campaign. But there's more you can do. Find out 8 ways a public relations strategy can accelerate and amplify your content marketing success.

15 Ways Marketing Automation Can Maximize Your Content's ROI

Increasingly, you're going to need the right marketing technology to realize the full performance potential for your organization. Take a look at 15 ways marketing automation can maximize return on investment for your content efforts.

Mapping the Next Frontier in Brand Storytelling

While organizations continue to pour resources into content marketing, there are tremendous gaps in talent, technology and strategy holding back the industry - and possibly your business. Find out more about the challenges ahead as we map the next frontier in brand storytelling.

How to Build A Scorecard to Measure Content Marketing Effectiveness

It's easier and more affordable than ever to connect activities to outcomes today, but marketers are largely dropping the ball when it comes to monitoring and improving performance. Learn how to build a scorecard to measure content marketing effectiveness.