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Stories By Paul Gustafson

3 Key Concepts to Master for Effective B2B Content

Understanding ways to match content with the sales process is just as critical as ensuring content quality. For effective B2B content, master these 3 concepts that mirror the way an enterprise sales process typically works.

Critical Dos and Don’ts for Design that Enhances Your Content Marketing

Graphic design has been, is, and always will be a crucial component of effective marketing. Here are some critical dos and don'ts to help shape the success of your content marketing design.

3 Rules for Creating Effective Infographics

By incorporating stunning images and interactive features, today's digital infographics can provide a tremendous amount of information in creative and engaging ways. But content marketers need to be sure they do more than display cool visuals. Here are the essentials to keep in mind.

5 Tips for Creating Customer Testimonial Podcasts

For many prospects actually hearing real customers endorse a product or service can be very convincing. Use these guidelines to make the most of your customer interviews and produce high quality customer testimonial podcasts.