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Stories By Pam Didner


3 Easy Ways Content Marketers Can Provide Instant Value to the Sales Teams

Do you treat sales as another marketing channel? You should want to support the revenue-generating team and to extend content’s value for your brand. Here are three easy ways content marketers can support the sales team.

Creating a Powerful Global to Local B2B Brand Impression with Video: 5 Steps

Pam Didner shares how a 40-second video re-defined a U.S.-based home-office B2B brand to a globally-recognized name, using storytelling and the universal human experience as the content message.

Learn How to Globalize Your Creative Concepts

Earlier in my career when I was managing the creative development of global campaigns, my geographical counterparts often pointed out that creative needs to be customized or localized to reflect cultural differences. Today, as a global marketing manager, I wonder if it’s truly possible to create a global creative concept and apply it to all regions around the world. For a long time I assumed that as long as the creative concept was headline-driven or provided simple background information without including details on specific figureheads, it would be easy to scale to other regions. I now realize that this is only partially true. There are a lot of factors influencing the development of a creative concept, but the Holy Grail (or the determining factor) of globalizing a creative concept starts with your company’s products. Let me illustrate with three different examples. Continue reading

The Holy Grail of Globalizing Editorial Planning

Social networks and search engines have changed the behavior of Intel’s business marketing audience of IT managers who are  constantly searching for information and evaluating new technologies even when they are not purchasing them. As marketers, we need to engage with them on topics they care about and that are relevant to Intel on a timely basis. This is where an editorial planning process comes into play.Continue reading

The Story Behind Intel’s Museum of Me: How to Work with an International Agency on Creative

I often say in talks and articles that content is king, creative is queen. In other words, if you’re going to produce an exceptional product, you must bring your creative department into the process from the beginning. With that in mind, here’s the story behind Intel’s the Museum of Me. Continue reading

Content is King, Creative is Queen: How to Keep the King and Queen in the Whole Game

How do you break through the deluge of constant texting, e-mailing, Tweeting, ”Facebooking,” and online gaming to reach your audience in a meaningful way? One answer: It’s not only what you deliver (content) but also  how you deliver it (creative). Even when you have solid product messaging and a good story line, how you deliver your content can make the difference between standing out among the message flood or getting lost in it. Continue reading