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Stories By Noz Urbina


The 5 Ws of Adaptive Content: A New Look at Making Content Contextually Appropriate

Making content contextually appropriate for all the possible channels, devices, and scenarios can be overwhelming if you aren’t starting with a good content strategy. Here are the 5 Ws to consider.

How to Adjust Your Content Strategy for Adaptive Content Personalization

In every sphere of business, consumers will benefit from the tailored or personalized experiences that adaptive content can facilitate. Following is a detailed breakdown of the key considerations for adjusting your strategy to accommodate adaptive content.

Adaptive Content: The Omnichannel Technique You Need to Implement

Adaptive content is a content strategy technique designed to support meaningful, personalized, interactions across all channels. We're now in a multichannel world where all consumers want tailored delivery. Find out more about adaptive content and the omnichannel technique you need to implement.