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Stories By Michael Kolowich

The New Alchemy: 3 Tips that Can Turn PowerPoint into Content Gold

PowerPoints and online presentations can be a rich new vein of precious content for your organization. Here are three tips that all content marketers should consider for turning these assets into content gold.

3 Simple Strategies to Tame Your Video Content Budget

Online video brings your message to life. It gets results. Here are three ways to create quality video content without blowing your budget on Hollywood-level production values every time.

How Content Marketers Can Reinvent the Webinar for 2012

Michael Kolowich outlines how the innovative "flipped classroom" approach used by educators can be applied to webinars in 2012, shaking off that old and tired webinar format that's boring your participants to tears.

5 Tips for Injecting Personality into Your Online Presentations

At the heart of every great presentation is a skilled presenter. Great presenters are storytellers. And because audiences need more than slides, they tell stories with powerful interpersonal communication tools, like gestures, posture, and facial expressions. Great presenters know we’re wired for body language. But in the digital age we have fewer opportunities to connect with our audiences on a personal level. We increasingly use online presentations, webinars, and meeting tools, which often fail to capture the body language and personality of the speaker. The result? They fall flat, failing to take full advantage of the power of personality and storytelling that a good presenter offers to a live audience. So what’s a content marketer to do?Continue reading