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Stories By Mark Walker


Skyscraper Content the Right Way: How To Truly Help Your Readers

Content marketers think skyscraper content may help their brand reach new heights in search rankings. But if they equate skyscraper with length, they’ll see their goals crumble. Here’s how to do it right.

How to Create a Brilliant Newsletter People Want to Read

Have you noticed? Newsletters are hot right now. They’re incredibly powerful. How can you create a newsletter that gets opened every time you send it? Consider these eight strategies with best-in-class examples.

How to Use Visual Maps for a Balanced Content Marketing Strategy

Don’t let your content marketing strategy become an expensive paperweight. Transform it into a visual reference guide because if it’s easy to digest, it’s more likely to be followed. You also can identify the gaps more quickly.

4 Steps to Get Business Results from Your Content Marketing Strategy

Does your content marketing strategy tie to your business goals? What about your customers’ goals? This four-step guide shows you how to take a sound content marketing strategy through to measurement via great planning and execution.

4 Ways to Tie Events Into Your Content Marketing Plan

Events can really chew up your time -- whether you're sponsoring, speaking, or just attending. However, they can be a gold mine for boosting all aspects of your content marketing, from research to content ideas to measurement. Get 4 ways to make the most of events and tie them into your content marketing plan.

Succeed With Video Content Marketing: 5 Tips and a Case Study

Moving beyond the basics of developing and executing a video content strategy, find out how to succeed with video content marketing by engaging your audience. Use these tips for making the videos as engaging, effective, and easy to develop as possible. Also, check out a case study that shows how one business found success with creative video content.

How to Execute Your Video Content Strategy in 8 Steps

Find out how to execute a successful video content strategy. Use these 8 steps to maximize impact, measure results, and ultimately create sustainable campaigns that add long-term value to your organization.

How to Use Video Content to Drive Awareness, Leads, and Sales: A Guide

If you follow the trend reports, you know video content marketing is taking off as an effective marketing channel for B2B marketers. Take a look at how you can create quality video content and achieve amazing brand marketing results.