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Stories By Nick Kinports

Using Paid Media to Achieve Remarkable B2B Conversion Rates

How would you like to achieve a B2B conversion rate of 30+ percent? It can be done, as Nick Kinports explains. Find out how his company, lonelybrand, achieved this remarkable conversion rate for three different digital paid media campaigns. A great resource for those in advertising and public relations, and for B2B brands in general.

A Blueprint for Ad and PR Agencies: Become More Competent in Content Marketing

I’ll be the first to tell you agency-based content marketing is old news. Establishing credibility and providing valuable content through books, magazine articles, and white papers has been the industry norm for decades. The world is already accustomed to looking to advertising and public relations agencies for guidance and that next big idea — be it creative, communicative, or a combination thereof. But a major shift has happened, leaving many advertising and public relations firms in survival mode  clinging to existing clients while relying on unclear or unstructured business development programs to bring home the bacon. It’s a precarious position that is compounded by limited time and resources. So what gives? Why are the former masters of creativity and spin locked in a business development death spiral? To find out, lonelybrand studied over 300 advertising and public relations agencies around the United States. Our study set out to discover how the sharpest marketers in the world perceive...