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Stories By Kevin Lund


How to Keep Your Content Marketing Strategy From Getting Hijacked

Early success in content marketing may draw attention from other areas of the organization … but not all attention is positive. Consider these risks before your content triumphs turn into liabilities.

How a Print Strategy Could Save the World: A Case Study

Recently, I finished reading the book Let My People Go Surfing, by Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard. It’s a fascinating story by an inspirational business leader. He not only grew a successful company while being beloved by his employees and revered by his peers, but he also intends to continue doing so without destroying the planet—a tall order for a clothing manufacturer that outsources to factories in emerging markets. I can relate to Chouinard’s paradox. I’m a print guy. That’s how I started in this business and how I plan to sustain it. As a print publisher, I too have a responsibility to seek out ways to make sure that sustaining our business doesn’t compromise the earth’s business—which isn’t always easy.Continue reading

Three Ways to Screw Up a Good Article

In the world of custom publishing, there are no second chances. If you’re publishing an article online, you have fewer than five seconds to make an impression; with a print or digital magazine, you may have a bit more time, but not much. Considering the amount of time you have to capture someone’s attention, you need to make the article “sticky.” For instance, with a magazine, there are really only three things you can control that make for a sticky article—the words, the pictures, and the design. People expect more than words on a page, but for the moment, I’ll spare you the diatribe about the need for thoughtful pictures and design, and focus (sigh) only on the words. So if you’re looking to screw up your next article, here are three sure-fire ways to do it.Continue reading

How to Create a Custom Magazine Cover that Rocks

Though it’s said you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can decide if you want to read it – especially if the book we’re talking about is a magazine. Think about it. Given the choice, if you’re waiting at the doctor’s office with nothing to do, and you see two health magazines on the table in front of you, neither of which you know anything about, are you more likely to open the one with pretty pictures on it, or the one that looks like a medical journal? While there are plenty of other things a cover accomplishes, when it comes to the reader, a good magazine cover should drive two behaviors: First, it gets you to pick up the magazine and second, it gets you to look inside its pages.Continue reading