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Stories By John Hall


Ask These 4 Questions To Stop Wasting Time on SEO Dead Ends (and Find Keyword Gold)

Targeting the right keywords for your business can make search engines one of the most valuable and highest ROI channels. But how do you identify and prioritize the right keywords? Start with these four questions.

Find LinkedIn Newsletter Success by Doing These 11+ Things

Starting a LinkedIn newsletter requires a lot of decisions. Here are some tips to help you execute it successfully.

Forget Views and Shares: Choose Metrics More Relevant to Your Content Marketing Goals

Stop wasting time on the basic metrics. Take better aim at success by evaluating data more relevant to the content marketing goal, from brand awareness and lead gen to sales enablement and audience engagement.

How To Choose the Right Publication To Pitch (and Earn Editors' Love)

You’ve got content marketing skills. Use them to deliver what your audience wants. In this case, your audience is made up of the editors at third-party outlets you want to pitch. Try these tips from entrepreneur (and longtime CMI friend) John Hall.

How to Use Your Content Marketing Strategy to Write a Book

By authoring a book, your company can engage your audience on another level, generate new business and press, and cement itself as an industry leader. And you already have a great starting point – your content marketing strategy.

2 Things and 9 Tips That Brand Marketers Can Learn from Publications

Too many brands stray from the successful media model and publish with a “me” mentality. Brands should take their lead from publications to build engaged, loyal audiences by following these strategies and steps to success.

How to Build a Knowledge Bank to Fuel Your Content Marketing Strategy

Your company has a wealth of internal knowledge that can be used to create content to humanize your brand and guide prospects. Learn how to create a knowledge bank to extract, store, and manage your information efficiently.

How Not to Come Across as an Egomaniac When Building your Professional Brand

There are good ways and not-so-good ways to make your personal brand stand out. Put your energies into information, not self-promotion, and you won't come across like an egomaniac when building your professional brand.