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Stories By Jeremy Davis

Man of the House

A conversation with the two men behind Procter & Gamble’s most talked-about brand content channel.   Procter & Gamble, the consumer products giant, has an online destination that aims to teach men the essentials of domestic life. The site, which offers columns like “Ask a Pregnant Lady” and “Relationships After Divorce,” has proven its popularity with fathers and husbands in the short period since its June 2010 launch. Articles provide advice on relationships, parenting, cooking, cleaning and health through a dizzying array of titles such as “Conquering Sex Problems” or “What Diet Coke and Mentos Can Teach Your Kids.”  The site is run through a partnership with the interactive marketing communications firm Barefoot Proximity, which also manages Procter & Gamble’s branded site, Jeremy Seth Davis: Let’s talk about the background behind It’s a publishing venture that differentiates itself from a lot of other publications that target...