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Stories By Jenny Magic

How To Talk So Your Target Audience Will Listen

Struggling with what to say on your blog or social media sites? Have you made all the “new product” announcements but you’re still lacking followers and fans? Here are a few tips.Continue reading

The Role of Personality, the Underdog and Superpowers in Effective Social Media Marketing

Your company has set up the Twitter profiles, added a blog to the website and customized a Facebook page. Now what? How do you find your “secret sauce,” the story that’s going to get attention from your target audience? Continue reading

How to Repurpose Content to Stay Consistent

As much as its advocates hate to admit it, sometimes content marketing fails – or more accurately, sometimes people fail at content marketing. Consistency is key, because without consistency, you can’t gain momentum, and without momentum, content marketing success is a long shot, at best. Without fresh content, people stop listening on social media, stop visiting your blog, and forget you even have an email newsletter. That said, creating consistent content is HARD. Even professional bloggers sometimes struggle to keep up the pace. Original blog posts, articles, videos, images, presentations, etc. take hard work, time and valuable budget dollars. How is a company supposed to keep up?Continue reading