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Stories By Jason Miller


The Miles Davis Approach to Content Marketing Strategy

I was listening to NPR’s profile of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue album, and I kept having aha moments in relation to my own content marketing work. Let me share five key lessons inspired by Davis to boost your content marketing strategy.

What's Next in Your Content Marketing Career Evolution?

Content marketers go through four distinct career phases. Are you a Young Gun, Emerging Artist, Collaborator, or Crackerjack? Discover your phase and learn how to get to the next level with these tips.

The New Era of the Hybrid Marketer

Being a one-dimensional marketer is not a good way to get ahead. Today’s successful marketers are hybrids. We integrate old and new channels into one overall marketing strategy. Learn what you need to know to be a good hybrid marketer.

12 Insights for Visual Content Success with Infographics

With all the stiff competition for consumer attention on the web, it takes more than creative wording to really stand out. An infographic is a compelling way to use visual content to tell a rich story at a glance. Get 12 insights for content success with infographics.

Creating Content: How Much Is Too Much?

Is there such a thing as having too much content? Several experts consider this common question in content marketing and share their thoughts, based on collective experience with best practices and processes for creating content. Find out how much is too much.