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Stories By Heidi Cohen


How to Curate Content Like A Pro: 8 Lessons [Examples]

Content curation isn’t a cheap substitute for original content. But it can be a cost-effective way to reach your audience more often and maximize your existing content. Get the inside scoop from the content curation pros.

12 Actionable Content Marketing Tips To Yield Sales

Booksellers have been selling content since day one. Discover five priceless content marketing lessons and helpful takeaways to improve your results from someone who has sold a truckload of books for a global content titan.

9 Content Curation Ideas for Bulking Up Your Editorial Calendar

This is the year of content curation. Creating original content on a consistent basis can require a lot of dedicated resources, both human and financial. So what's a resource-constrained marketer to do? Bulk up your editorial calendar with these 9 content curation ideas.

5 Tips for Quality Content Creation That Won't Bust Your Budget

If your business is serious about attracting a larger audience and achieving higher rankings on search engines, producing cute or salesy content won't cut it. You need to focus on raising the quality of your content. Use these 5 tips for quality content creation that won't bust your budget.

3 Strategies for Stretching Your Content Marketing Budget

Content production that exceeds our audience's ability to consume it isn't new, but it does present a growing challenge for content marketers to use their resources wisely when creating content and helping it to stand out. Use these 3 strategies to increase your content marketing value without necessarily increasing your budget.

5 Tactics for Content Creators to Increase Content Consumption

Think of your content as a gift you give your readers. You need to include intriguing packaging to entice readers and make sure they will want to "open" it. Use these 5 tactics for content creators to increase content consumption.

10 Content Marketing Best Practices for Greater Efficiency

To minimize costs and to leverage related distribution and promotion, it's helpful to have a plan in place from the outset of your content program. The following content marketing best practices and tips will help you build this plan in the most efficient and effective way possible.

5 Tactics All Rock Star Content Creators Use

With content creation, the goal is to have a lot of the heavy lifting finished before you ever sit down to start producing it. If you want to be a content marketing rock star, use these 5 content creation tactics for success.
problem-solving steps

How to Solve Your Biggest Content Marketing Problem in 7 Easy Steps

If you continually find yourself struggling to create enough content, the solution may be more about maximizing the effectiveness of each of your content marketing efforts. Try these 7 steps to expand your content's reach.

Content Marketing Trends: 5 Awesome Examples from 2012

While B2B and B2C marketers have used content marketing for years, it became the must-have element of every 2012 marketing plan. Here are five content marketing trends that were awesome this year, and some tips to help you leverage them for your 2013 marketing plans.

3 Cases that Prove the Power of Content Marketing

Content marketing provides excellent cost-effective opportunities across an array of platforms, devices, and formats. Consistent efforts in strategy, branding, creation, promotion, and distribution are keys to success. Here are three cases that prove the power of content marketing.

Content Marketing Checklist: 13 Things You Must Do Before You Publish Content

To make sure your published content is always at its error-free best, keep this 13-point content marketing checklist on hand. And, for best results, use it!