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Stories By Heather Rast

Create Content that Nurtures — and Nudges — Your Prospects

Content can both motivate actions and solve problems. But are you doing all you should to create content that nurtures and nudges those buyer prospects? Here are some approaches to consider and mistakes to avoid.

3 Tips to Help Your Blog Content Pop for Your Readers

Once upon a time, there were two blog authors who were well-respected in their industries. Equally smart and versed on a subject area, they each wrote posts about important stuff. Author A wanted to tell others about the flaws in some conventional thinking and disprove claims made by competitors in his field. He always laid out the science, supporting his position very thoroughly with lots of detailed documentation. Point by point, he explained things from all angles. There was no way a reader could click away without agreeing with his perspective or leave unimpressed with his proofreading standards. Author B had some strong opinions himself. He covered issues in a similar industry but took an alternative approach to encourage his readers to think differently. He keenly knew that even when learning people like to be entertained. With knowledge of the issues and a goal to persuade, he wrote funny, witty posts that favored subtle substance. He dared use his business blog to target purchase...