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Stories By Hana Abaza


Are These 3 Points of Interest on Your Marketing Road Map?

Successful marketers often are a few steps ahead of the curve, prepared to address a changing marketplace. Learn how to move your marketing with these necessities – advocate marketers, distribution dollars, and “automagic” integration.

8+ Key Elements to Get the Most from Your eBook

The payback of a well-designed, well-packaged, and strategically distributed eBook can be huge for your brand. Make sure you have the tools to maximize its potential to help convert visitors into leads and leads into customers.

A Quick and Easy Content Marketing ROI Tip Sheet

Content marketing measurement can be an embarrassment of riches: So much data is available, that it can be easy to get overwhelmed when deciding what to focus on. So which metrics matter more than others? Here's a roundup of metrics all content marketers should keep an eye on if they want to know whether their content marketing is truly paying off.

Online Content Marketing in 2014: 5 Big Shifts in Store

As the new year gets rolling, everyone in the digital industry is speculating on what will be big in 2014. While the fundamentals of good content won't change, tactics, channels and the way people consume content will continue to evolve. Learn more about 5 big shifts that will likely affect your online content marketing this year.