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Stories By Doug Kessler


The Content Assembly Line is Broken

Our own little content marketing industrial revolution is happening. We’ve moved the content creation process from the craft workshop to the high-volume assembly line. But we shouldn’t be treating content like a Ford Focus.

Employed Media: How Internal Advocates Can Share Your Content Marketing

Owned media, paid media and earned media have made up the content marketing tripod for a long time, but now the stool has a fourth leg: employed media. Find out how you can give your content efforts a boost by encouraging the people your company employs to share your content with their own universes.

How to Hold Your Content Marketing Strategy Together, Enterprise-Wide

As we all move along the content marketing maturity curve together, the biggest companies are finding a new problem: Different teams within your organization will be generating content for their own needs — without coordination or quality control. Find out how to hold your content strategy together enterprise-wide.

What's So New About Content Marketing?

What's so new about content marketing? The "nothing new here" brigade has a point: Content has always been an important part of many marketing plans (generally the better ones). But clearly, something unique is going on here, and because of the mighty internet, the way we do business will never be the same.

4 Truths About Content Marketing Clients

There's never been a better time to be a marketer — and content marketing is probably the biggest, most exciting opportunity of all. Here are four content marketing lessons that will help agencies and clients work together to produce a more successful content marketing plan.

Mobile In B2B: The Invisible Juggernaut

Mobile is one of those areas in which, annoyingly, B2C is way ahead of B2B. You can kind of understand why — the CMOs of Pizza Hut and Smirnoff and Pepsi would be fired by now if they hadn’t at least been groping their way towards a relationship with their mobile users (aka everyone). In fact, Pizza Hut, Smirnoff, Pepsi and hundreds of other consumer brands have all made excellent starts in mobile. So what about the B2B mobile pioneers? It’s a desert out there.Continue reading

Library Marketing: The Next Big Challenge For Content Marketing

As content marketing takes off in the B2B world, more and more brands will be building significant content libraries. That’s fantastic but it does create new challenges for the content marketer. In the early days of content marketing, we were all focused on one piece at a time. Write an e-book, promote the e-book, repeat. Now that our content libraries are growing, we need to start thinking about library marketing, not just content marketing.Continue reading