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Stories By Dennis McCafferty

Building Killer Relationships: 10 Content Job Lessons from 'The Godfather'

There are many takeaways sprinkled throughout the sublime scripts of "The Godfather" saga. And some of them speak to the relationships those of us with a content job have with our clients and stakeholders — you can attribute much of the Corleones' success to their superior intuition in managing outside "associates." Get 10 content job lessons about building killer relationships from "The Godfather."

How to Keep Infographics from Ruining Your Visual Content: 8 Rules

Have we devolved into a society of such die-hard visual learners that we can't be bothered with text formats at all? An overload of infographics is swallowing many content marketing efforts whole. Find out how to make these visuals enhance your message — not muddle it.

How to Battle 7 "Sins" that Derail Content Marketing Success

Content marketing professionals serve challenging clients and internal stakeholders all the time. Find out how to counter 7 client "sins" that can threaten to derail your successful content marketing efforts.

How to Stop Jargon From Pulling the Plug Out of Your Powerful Content

You can't create clear, powerful content on a foundation of jargon. Use these examples and key points to convince your clients and your peers to rise above the sea of jargon we all navigate every day.

6 Questions Content Marketers Should Ask Before Hiring a Journalist

Recruiting former journalists can offer many benefits for a company's marketing division, but not all ex-reporters will transition smoothly. Here are six questions content marketers should ask before hiring.