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Stories By David Rossiter

3 Branded Content Formats that Will Rule in 2014

Marketing strategies, publishing partners — everything's up for debate as we gauge where to focus our branded content energies in the months to come. We know that investments in social media are on the rise, but how will that play out? Learn more about 3 branded content formats to watch in 2014.

5 Branded Content Channels You Need for Better Discoverability

Delivering your content isn't just about ensuring that it's viewed. Find out how your organization can use 5 branded content channels so consumers can interact more easily with your content in their preferred environment and then share it with their friends.

Brand Storytelling Lessons You Can Steal from Hollywood

The trend of borrowing marketing concepts from Hollywood is exploding in popularity. These brand storytelling techniques may have been devised to promote television and film, but the possibilities are endless in applying them to other content products. Here are some key examples.