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Stories By Constance Semler

New LinkedIn Company Pages: A Step-by-Step Guide for Content Marketers

I used to think of LinkedIn as a tool for recruiting, job hunting and professional networking. Now with the launch of Company Pages, LinkedIn may also become a powerful tool a content strategist can use for content marketing.Continue reading

How to Boost Audio Quality to Make Your Content More Effective

Video gets a lot of play in content marketing and social media, so much so that audio is like a neglected stepsister. The time is ripe for her to break out and claim her rightful place in your content marketing world, and here’s why: 1) Get big rewards for a little extra effort Pay just a little more attention to the audio portion of content creation, and you’ll see a big difference in your content’s overall production value. Recently, I participated in a roundtable discussion at Podcamp Toronto 2011 , and one speaker said that higher production value is becoming more important in social media, to the point that it can make or break a bid for sponsors. 2) Be nice to your audience Our brains work hard to process sound, much harder than they do to process images. Enhancing audio quality makes it easier for your audience to tune into your content and remember information. The longer the run-time of the piece, the more important its quality. After all, you want people to feel...