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Stories By Chuck Frey


How to Use Content Marketing to Enhance Brand Perception

What do content marketing experts recommend to help B2B firms strengthen the value of their brands? Here’s what 14 of them who represent small and large companies plus agencies had to say about how content marketing can make an impact.

You Spoke. We Listened. 11 Top Content Marketing Challenges Solved

Are you confounded by one of the 11 pressing content marketing challenges identified by CMI University instructors? Get a tip to help now and resources to assist you short- and long-term from CMI’s director of online training.

Is Your Content Marketing Career on Autopilot?

Equipping yourself with new skills helps you sidestep programmatic thinking and stop ignoring signs that your strategies and tactics aren’t as effective as they were. Evaluate what you need today to be the content marketer of tomorrow.

Promote Your Brand on Twitter with the Right Paid Options

If you think Twitter’s paid promotion tools are too expensive or complex, it’s time to think again. Discover how Twitter’s affordable, well-designed promotion tools can help brands generate leads, build audiences, and amplify content.

Experts Share Visual Content Mistakes to Avoid

As the value of visual content grows and design tools become inexpensive, many marketers churn out mediocre graphics that get ignored. Seven experts share how to avoid mistakes and create successful visual content marketing.

10 Canva Tips That Will Help You Become a Visual Content Master

Canva has quickly emerged as one of the most powerful and popular web-based tools for creating visual content. But like any other tool, it must be used with great care to reinforce and strengthen your online branding, rather than detract from it. Get 10 Canva tips that will help you become a visual content master.

Make Your Visual Content Stand Out With a Signature Brand Look

The explosion of visual content means your audience is skimming more than ever these days. That's why consistent branding of visual images is becoming critically important. Find out what 5 experts have to say about making your visual content stand out with a signature brand look.

How Engineering Principles Can Revolutionize Your Content Strategy

Content marketers spend countless hours handcrafting content that's designed to inform and persuade customers. Scott Abel, "The Content Wrangler," believes he has a better way: Content engineering, the application of engineering principles to the creation, management, and delivery of content. Find out how engineering principles can revolutionize your content strategy.

Tips for Maximizing the Storytelling Impact of Visual Content

Visual content has quickly emerged as a powerful tool that can help messages break through the clutter online, stand out from the competition, and persuade audiences — but only if it's created and positioned correctly. Use these tips to maximize the storytelling impact of your visual content.

How to Choose the Right Content Marketing Agency

A "gold rush" mentality around content marketing has made it more difficult for marketers to separate the pros from the posers when choosing an agency to work with. The art of hiring an agency for your brand was the subject of a recent #CMWorld Twitter chat. Get some solid strategies for choosing the right content marketing agency.
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5 Ways to Create Visual Blog Content with Mind Maps

Experiment with these 5 approaches to mind maps to create smart, eye-catching blog content. You'll find that mind maps are an ideal form of visual, shareable content you may want to add to your repertoire.