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Stories By Chris Moritz

Strategic Pillars to Help Your Content Marketing Strategy

Congratulations – you’ve diligently completed the Discovery phase of your content strategy with a thorough content inventory/audit and a manageable set of informed, objective(ish) personas. Now you’re ready to dig into tactics. Whoa, not so fast… If you’ve done any brainstorming before, you’ll know the horizon’s the limit when it comes to possibilities to express your value proposition and brand character. Continue reading

How to Start Your Content Strategy: The Discovery Phase

You want to get your content marketing initiative off to a great start. No, a fantastic start! A ground-breaking, revolutionary, epic launch. Something that will bring in the leads like the Pied Piper and bring on the tears of your competitors like the end of Beaches (or maybe that’s just me…) Hold up! Don’t kick-off that white paper/slideshow/custom magazine brainstorming session just yet. You want to maximize the chances of success, minimize the drawbacks, eliminate surprises, determine what success looks like, and not end up forking over more money and resources than you’re planning on now, right? Want to cover off those checkboxes? Start with a content strategy.Continue reading