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Stories By Chad Pollitt

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2 Simple-to-Implement Checklists to Use in Your Influencer Marketing Planning

Marketers make a big mistake in not leveraging influencers in their mix. Studies show that every dollar invested in influencer marketing returns $6.50. Here’s how to make sense of two popular influencer tactics (with checklists).

How to Attract Over 50K Subscribers in 6 Months

The world’s first digital magazine solely dedicated to content promotion, news, and insights went from zero subscribers at launch to over 50,000 in six months. Here are the nine winning tactics that helped make that growth possible.

Help Your Owned Media Hit its Goals: Combine Earned and Paid Promotion

If your brand struggles with content marketing effectiveness, you may see better results if you step down content production and step up your distribution and promotion efforts. Find out how to help your owned media hit its goals by combining earned and paid promotion.

4 Reasons Content Creators Should Celebrate Google Penguin 2.0

Looking for translations and takeaways in the wake of last month's Google Penguin 2.0 launch? Find out 4 reasons why content creators who continue to rely primarily on their compelling content to drive search engine traffic should be celebrating. The future looks bright because Google gets better and better at rewarding good content from authoritative people and brands.