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Stories By Carl Friesen


4 Ways to Get Over the Barriers to Reach Tough Prospects

Reaching top-level prospects can be an exercise in frustration. How can you get your content onto the desks – and desktops, laptops, and tablets – of qualified customers? Discover how to get a helpful boost from tried-and-trusted media.

The Narrowcast Approach to Newsjacking: Creating Content for Niches

Offering news-relevant content can be a powerful way to show customers and prospects that your organization understands their world and can help them with issues they're facing. Find out more about creating content for niches with the "narrowcast" approach to newsjacking.

Why SEO May Be Irrelevant When It Comes to B2B Thought Leadership

When it comes to the complex B2B major sales process, SEO isn't particularly relevant. It's not about "getting found," it's about credibility. Find out what kinds of content are effective at boosting credibility and demonstrating thought leadership in the marketing of high-end professional firms.

Thought Leadership Strategy: 3 Ways to Leverage Live Event Content

You can boost your firm's profile with a strong content marketing strategy that leads to thought leadership appearances at relevant industry events. Then use these 3 approaches to repurpose and leverage the live event content into new marketing products.

Thought Leadership Strategy: 3 Steps to the Speaker’s Podium

Public speaking is a great way to get your company's message across. Find out how 3 key steps in a strong thought leadership strategy will make strides toward getting your organization on the speaker's podium.

How to Build Third-Party Credibility for Your Content

When it comes to demonstrating thought leadership through content, it’s not just about getting your content published anywhere online in hopes that Google will find it. Find out how to build third-party credibility for your content.

Key Tips for Using LinkedIn Profiles To Demonstrate Your Content Marketing Expertise

LinkedIn is rapidly emerging as a vehicle for demonstrating thought leadership in content marketing. Try these tips for using LinkedIn to highlight your content successes.

Use This Content Process to Help You Build Trust

Trust is huge. So, any way that your content can build trust is golden. One effective way is with “how-to-work-with” content. It provides advice on how a prospective client can get the best possible results from a company like yours. Learn more about making this approach work for your company.

How to Use Opinions to Create Powerful Content

Informed opinion from qualified people has value in our society. Opinion-oriented content can be engaging, effective and can help collect eyeballs. Here are the essentials for using opinions effectively to create powerful content.

Create How-to Content that Serves Your Market, and Your Business

Creating genuinely helpful content for your audience is a core principle of content marketing. And "how-to" content can be among the most helpful. The trick is to inform but also persuade. Here are some tips on creating content that helps your audience members learn how to do some things, but won't "help" them right out of needing your services.

How to Create Compelling Content Using Fear and Desire

Creating content that persuades the reader to take a desired action -- while avoiding the direct "call to action" sales pitch -- can be challenging. Here, Carl Friesen shows how to instill fear and/or desire through your content to compel the reader to take a specific action, be it signing up for your newsletter or following you on Twitter.

The 5 Types of Content That Grab Attention for the Best Content Marketing

Do you want to engage people’s attention, provide them with useful information and, in the process, change the way they think about your organization?  In my experience, there are five types of content that can help you do this for the best content marketing. Continue reading