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Stories By Britt Klontz


Deliver a Better Pitch to Get Your Content Noticed by Media

A press pack or media kit sounds simple and obvious for public relations pros pitching media to write about a company. But many marketers don’t think about how a press kit can be helpful to their content promotion. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Curate Data Into Great Content

With a little thought, data can be turned into something that is intrinsically engaging, inspires conversation, and works hard for your brand. Whether it’s yours, others', or in the public domain, data curation can mean content creation.

Unify Your Content Marketing Strategy With a One-Stop Resource Center

When you become a content marketer, you are essentially becoming your own publication. This means developing a rich and highly organized editorial calendar and employing a top-notch creative team, but it also means organizing and displaying your content efforts in an intuitive, visually compelling manner. Find out how to unify your content marketing strategy with a one-stop resource center.

How to Keep Facebook Viable as a Content Marketing Platform

Despite recent changes, Facebook pages can still thrive, but only if your fans are engaged and active. Rather than focusing on shallow tactics, effective Facebook business pages delve deep to become rich platforms that fans won't be able to help commenting on and sharing. Find out more about how to keep Facebook viable as a content marketing platform.

5 Brand Marketing Efforts That Took Newsjacking to the Next Level

Newsjacking allows brand marketing efforts to get in on news or an event as it's happening. It's a tricky and delicate thing, but when businesses learn to effectively navigate Twitter and other real-time outlets, there's a lot to be gained by playing into the news of the day. Find out what we can learn from 5 brand marketing efforts that took newsjacking to the next level.

Effective Content Marketing on Google Plus: 5 Tools to Measure Success

Google+ was a bit slow to take off, but since its launch early adopters have seen a significant increase in engagement on the platform. If you're among the marketers who are still figuring out the best way to use Google+, use these 5 tools to measure the success of your effective content marketing efforts.