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Stories By Brendan Cournoyer

3 Ways Online Content Marketing Can Do More to Enable Sales

While different content marketing strategies differ in purpose (lead generation, brand awareness, website traffic), the end goal should be to increase revenue and drive more business for your organization. Toward that end, try these 3 ways of getting your online content marketing to do more to enable sales.

3 Things to Look For when Hiring a Journalist for Content Marketing

There are several areas of experience and specific qualities that marketing organizations should look for when hiring a journalist or reporter for content marketing. Here are the essentials.

3 Reasons Why Podcasts Should Be Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Ah, the podcast. While video may be the sexy new trend in content marketing, and written copy its bread-and-butter, the podcast holds its own with three distinct advantages that serve to complement any content marketing strategy. Find out why podcasts should be a part of your organization's overall content marketing strategy by OpenView Labs' Brendan Cournoyer.

Bringing Down the House: How SEO is Like Blackjack

“The best part? It’s beatable.” – Kevin Spacey’s character, describing blackjack in the film, 21 A while back, those skilled in the art of counting cards were able to walk into a casino, mosey up to a table, and take the house for all it was worth. Eventually, as we know, the house caught on, and state-of-the-art surveillance equipment now makes such practices a lot harder to pull off. But shift your focus to the realm of online publishing, and you just may find a similar scenario ready to play out with SEO. Continue reading