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Stories By Brad Young

Venture-capital Backing of Content Companies Matters for Brand Publishers

Venture capitalists dumped more than $300 million into content companies in ’13 and ’14. Investors see content as a massive opportunity. Discover why 50-plus deals in two years are only the beginning and why it should matter to you.

How Merrill Lynch Uses Content Mapping to Reach Affluent Americans

Bank of America Merrill Lynch is in the relationship business – understanding and responding to their customers and prospects’ financial needs and concerns. Learn how its marketers boost their business with content mapping and discovery – bringing together online and offline to create the perfect relationship.

Use Experiments to Improve Your Content Marketing Plan: 9 Ideas

The need to strike a balance between creativity and commerce in marketing isn't new. How do we do this? We let testing and experimentation play a major role. The digital/social age makes that process easier than ever before. Get 9 ideas for using experiments to unite the art and science in your content marketing plan.

Missing Elements in the Content Marketing ROI Equation

The metrics conversation is driving much of the content marketing dialogue these days. Different factors apply, depending on your business and objectives, but it's important to find the right metrics to assess your content efforts. Get some suggestions from industry executives on elements that may be missing from your content marketing ROI equation.