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Stories By Brad Shorr

6 Enemies of Clarity in Your Business Storytelling Efforts

Clear writing may not be the defining element of quality content, but without it, readers are unlikely to be persuaded by your story — or to take action on any business purpose that stands behind it. Watch out for these 6 fiends that steal clarity from your business storytelling efforts.

Make Your Content Marketing Processes More Creative: 5 Actionable Tips

It's easy for industry experts to say "create awesome content," but that's not exactly a helpful "how-to." Follow these 5 tips to truly integrate creativity into your existing content marketing process.

How to Build a B2B Content Marketing Department: Beat Staffing Shock

You can beat B2B content marketing staffing shock. Producing effective, high-quality content efforts requires a wide range of skills, capabilities, and expertise. Use this detailed review of content marketing roles and skills to help you put an effective team together.

How to Produce More Effective Content Marketing with the Help of PPC

Content marketers can use pay-per-click (PPC), a seemingly unrelated discipline, to tune up critical components of their game. PPC campaigns provide useful data that can help you create more effective content marketing, improving the impact of your messaging and increasing conversions. Find out how to make a PPC campaign work for your organization.

What Quality Content Is, and How to Help Your Clients Create It

Many of us have clients who are still overwhelmed by the challenges of creating useful content. Help them clearly define quality content. Then use these strategies and tips to help them create and distribute it effectively.

How to Make Content Do a Better Job of Converting

Conversion rate optimization is an internet marketing discipline that focuses on creating a positive user experience that inspires conversion. Here are the essentials on how to make content do a better job of converting.

How to Serve Multiple Audiences by Using a Segmented Website Structure

Serving multiple audiences is one of the biggest challenges in creating content for corporate websites. Sites with a "something for everyone" architecture rarely satisfy anyone. Fine-tuning a "content cafeteria" structure is not without its challenges, but it can be a self-serve recipe for success.

Everything You Need to Know about Using Title Tags in Content Marketing

Title tags are the most important onsite ingredients for SEO because they explain to Google and other search engines what each page is about. They contain a small mass, but pack a big punch. Here are the essentials on how title tags work and how you can best use them to get results for your content.

The Essential Guide to Meta Descriptions That Will Get You Found Online

With the rise of social media, meta descriptions are more valuable than ever. Meta descriptions are little snippets that appear in search engine results and with links shared on social media sites. Here is the essential guide to crafting meta descriptions that will help your content get found online.