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Stories By Bob Leonard

Crossing the Content Chasm

There’s a new buzz phrase that’s gaining popularity as content marketing is embraced by both marketers and consumers: the “Content Chasm.”  In fact, Mac McIntosh recently wrote about the Content Chasm as it relates to B2B marketing automation and lead generation.  The term refers to the gap between where most marketers are with their inventory of content and where they need to be. The Content Chasm is actually comprised of several types of gaps, each needing specific strategies and actions for resolution. Continue reading

How One-On-One Interviews Can Reveal What Your B2B Audience Really Wants

What do B2B decision makers and purchase influencers care about?  Reducing risk! They want to make a buying decision that will enhance their careers. They want information that will help them make the best business decision possible – a decision that will result in cost savings and/or increase top line revenue. Sounds easy enough. Just deliver the information that tells them why your product or service will make them the hero of their company, right? Wrong. Continue reading

9 Steps to Continuous Content Marketing Improvement

Closed-loop marketing is the process by which market intelligence learned during a marketing campaign is fed back into the strategy and plan. This can result in more focused targeting, more effective messaging and improved resonance of your marketing content. Until the past couple of years, closed-loop marketing could only be achieved through expensive, labor-intensive market research, which meant that it was only accessible to bigger brands. Now, it’s within the reach of even the smallest companies. What follows is a brief overview of the closed-loop marketing process. Companies of any size can use this framework to help them feed insights back into the content marketing process and make better decisions. Continue reading