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Stories By Anna Ritchie

4 Tactics for Managing Your Army of Influencers

All too often, the best laid plans for influencer marketing fall apart due to one simple assumption: that managing the influencers and their content will be the easy part. In reality, however, this can end up being the most complex and time-consuming aspect of your program. Use these 4 tactics to manage your army of influencers.

Build a Lean Influencer Marketing Strategy: 3 Types of Tools

Think an influencer program requires too much effort? Fortunately, many tools exist that enable even the leanest of teams to reap the benefits of influencer marketing. Discover the top tools marketers use to make their influencer marketing strategy more effective.

How Your Email Content Can Adapt to Gmail Tabs

Has Google scuttled email content marketing opportunities for good? Not necessarily, but it sure got attention and created a challenge for marketers. Be calm and find out how to carry on by continuing to create compelling content and adapting your email practices to Gmail tabs.

Compelling Content: 3 Key Points from the Consumer POV [Research]

Compelling content marketing depends on the latest research and data, but are content marketers overlooking the vital perspective provided by consumers? Here, we explore some of the key content marketing insights revealed in recent consumer research studies.

3 Tips for Keeping Your Buyer Personas Fresh and Alive

Whether your content marketing targets B2B or B2C audiences, don't rely on old assumptions. Your audience, like your strategy, could be undergoing continual shifts, evolutions, and transformations. Use these 3 tips to keep your buyer personas fresh and alive.

View Content Strategy Based on 'Multi-Screen World' Consumer Research Report

A recent research report sheds light on the challenges and opportunities of content marketing to a multi-screen world. Google (in partnership with others) set out to understand more about how consumers interact with various media in their everyday lives.

Why It’s Vital to Develop a Converged Media Strategy Right Now

Many companies are struggling to come to grips with today's changing multiscreen consumer behaviors. Here are the essentials on why it's vital to develop a converged media strategy right now -- and some tips on how to approach this monumental task.

Is Social Media the New Word of Mouth? [RESEARCH]

This year's Buyersphere report learned from the buyers themselves that they are crazy for content and they don't necessarily get it all that much from social media. But the report also shows signs that social media will be the word of mouth of the future.

The Content Express: Success Tips for the Travel/Tourism Industry

Vacation time is here! Get ready to hop on the Content Express and take flight with these success tips for the travel and tourism industry.

Waffles, Wine and Wisdom: 3 Content Tips to Boost Your Local Rep

One of the fastest ways to become the “go-to” food spot for your local community is by creating meaningful, tailored, and unique content. If you service your local communities 24/7, here are a few content marketing best practices just for you.

Ready, Set, Write: The Ultimate Guide to Blogging

For various reasons, many companies are still hesitant to embrace blogging. But it must be done. Whether you're a novice content marketer or a seasoned blogger, we think the tips in this Ultimate Guide to Blogging will help support your efforts.

6 “Start-Me-Up” Tips for Novice Content Marketers

The concept of content marketing can be overwhelming for a start-up business owner. Where do you get ideas? And how do you find the time to do it between sales meetings, investor meetings, client meetings and (hopefully) sleep? To help you gain the confidence you need, here are six tips for novices.