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Stories By Ann-Christin Lindstedt

Content Marketing “Show and Tell”: How One Company Diversifies Content for Utility

How do you prefer to get information? Do you learn best by reading, hearing, seeing a demonstration, trying it yourself, or a unique combination of these things? I think it’s safe to say if you poll an audience of more than one person, you’ll get different answers to this question. So, how do you think your audience best receives and retains your content? Beyond that, have you thought about how potential clients may need to present your content to others during decision processes? How are you accommodating those varied needs? Continue reading

6 Things to Switch When Targeting Content for Foreign Markets

Quick question. Which would you rather receive: a form letter addressed to “Dear Friend” with a generic sales pitch, or a personalized note addressing your most pressing concerns and offering tailored ideas to help? Hmmm. Tough choice, right? In that case, don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to your content marketing—especially as you start targeting foreign markets.Continue reading

8 Ways to Leverage Locals for Your Content Marketing Localization

As many of you have seen in the recent B2B Content Marketing: 2010 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report, you’re not alone in stressing out about consistently producing fresh, interesting and varied content. Yet, I’d wager there’s something that can get you up and pacing an even deeper hole in the office floor: generating localized content for a foreign market. Content localization is not about translating what you already have into another language (although there certainly are ways to re-purpose and localize existing content). You need new stuff. Customized, relevant, interesting, accurate, targeted localized content. But if you’re grasping for inspiration in your own region, how can you come up with anything new for a foreign culture?Continue reading