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Stories By Andy Crestodina

7 Ways to Respond to Plagiarism as the Content Creator

Creating content is hard work, so it's hugely frustrating when someone copies that work. However, plagiarism in the online world is very common. Find out 7 ways a content creator can respond to plagiarism.

This is Your Brain on Content Marketing

Content marketing isn't brain science, but if you know a bit about the brain, you'll be a better content marketer. Find out more about how 5 content marketing tactics align with different parts of the brain.

3 Content Optimization Questions That Google Analytics Can Answer

Google Analytics can be intimidating, and too many marketers just browse through charts and graphs without gaining any insights. But Analytics does have answers if you ask the questions in the right way. Find out 3 content optimization questions that Analytics can answer.

Great Content Meets 2 Criteria: Does Yours?

All great content meets two criteria. One is good for social media, the other is good for search rankings. And, strangely, you can get an idea of these two key qualities by considering a mash-up of LOLCats and Wikipedia. Find out how Sonia Simone defines the secret to great content.

The 5 Stages of Your Content Marketing Evolution

As a business evolves, so does its marketing. From a simple online presence to full-fledged content marketing, companies move through specific stages. Use this guide to power your own content marketing evolution.