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Stories By Adria Saracino

Build a Better Buyer Persona: 5 Creative Data Sourcing Ideas

What people don't often tell you about buyer persona development is that collecting the data to create them is a lot of hard work. Many marketers use surveys and interviews to learn about their target audiences, but there are other options. Try out these 5 creative sourcing ideas to build better buyer personas.

How to Create Video Content that Actually Works

Video is taking over the (online) world, but not all content lends itself to video. Here are some great examples of video content that actually works -- and some that doesn't. Find out how your content measures up to the video challenge.

Why Hybrid Marketing Agencies Rule the Consulting World (and How to Prepare Your Agency for Domination)

There are six types of agencies that exist in the consulting realm, but the ones that are best positioned to achieve success are disruptive hybrids — agencies that are agile and quick to offer integrated marketing campaigns with the end goal of bringing in more revenue for their clients. Find out how to set your firm up to create this disruptive success.

How to Leverage the Sweet Spot Where CRM and Content Marketing Collide

How do we bring good old-fashioned customer relationship management together with content marketing for better success? We use the combination any way we can, and it follows that the way we measure our CRM efforts is also a blend of old and new.

How to Embed Outreach into Every Step of Your Content Plan

Even a robust outreach strategy can have lackluster results if it is simply tacked on at the end of a campaign. Learn how to embed outreach into every step of your content planning efforts.