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Content Marketers: Your WHAT Doesn’t Matter if Your WHY Is Lacking

Published: 2016-02-17

Is content’s primary purpose to improve the life of your audience? Or is it to drive the sales pipeline? If your brand’s content marketing doesn’t follow the audience-first mission, your content is likely to fail. Continue reading

Why Content Creators Are Using This Simple Article Format to Draw a Bigger Audience

Published: 2017-10-08

Why is this article format – How (Well-Known Company) is Doing (Something) to Achieve (Positive Result) – used over and over? Don’t you need to be different to stand out? Learn why the format is so popular and how you can do it too. Continue reading

Do You Know Your Why? Your Content Marketing Success Depends on It

Published: 2017-07-09

What you sell often is primary to the company mission, and in turn, to your content marketing mission. That results in self-serving content that does nothing for the audience and wastes brand resources. What if you focused on the why? Continue reading

Excellence in Content Marketing: Be Inspired by Some of our Judges’ Favs

Published: 2017-07-12

Excellence in content marketing involves many things – audience, intent, format, design, ROI, and more. Learn six of the central themes seen in the winning entries of the 2017 Content Marketing Awards, which were announced today. Continue reading

The Future Model for Content Marketing and Media Are Identical

Published: 2017-06-06

Cosmo’s mission statement focuses on its audience and doesn’t mention what it sells. Exxon Mobile’s only talks about what it sells. Which mission connects to a lasting business content model for many brands – traditional media or not? Continue reading

One Thing Is Killing Content Marketing and Everyone Is Ignoring It

Published: 2017-02-07

Many marketers from diverse industries have the same problem – their content marketing is similar to everybody else’s in their market.  And their programs aren’t successful. CMI Founder Joe Pulizzi explains why that’s not surprising.

Continue reading

Going Potty for Facebook: How a Toilet Paper Brand Won Social

Published: 2017-02-05

With the right strategy and content, any brand or product can find a loyal and active audience in social. If a toilet paper brand can do it, so can you. Target a niche customer problem and then own that space with valuable content. Continue reading

Go All In With Content Marketing or Do Nothing: #CMWorld

Published: 2016-09-13

Be all in with your content marketing program or get all out. That’s the mandate Joe Pulizzi shared at Content Marketing World 2016. He explains why halfway is no way at all and shares some of the presenters’ advice on how to go all in. Continue reading

How to Atomize 1 Killer Piece of Content Into 10

Published: 2016-08-18

Has your content team ever created a one-hit wonder? If so, you may be sitting on an opportunity to create a great playlist of killer content. Here’s how one company turned a single piece of content into 10 successful tactics. Continue reading

80 Ideas to Improve Your Content Marketing

Published: 2016-08-12

What should you be doing with your content marketing right now? First, spend a few minutes to glance at this list of 80 things to improve your program. Spoiler alert: None of the experts advise you to “just create more content.” Continue reading