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11 Content Curation and Collaboration Tools to Save You Time

Published: 2018-06-27

How can you create a system to curate and collaborate on content that doesn’t require more people or waste your time? The answer lies in at least one of these 11 tools. Continue reading

Amplify Your Top-Performing Assets With This 3-Step Curation Process

Published: 2017-12-19

Is the stress of continually creating something of value for everyone on your subscriber list starting to wear you down? Re-gift your best-performing content assets by following this three-step internal content curation process. Continue reading

The 3 Most Effective (And Overlooked) Content Curation Strategies

Published: 2016-04-15

Want to learn the most effective curation tactics and best practices – the ones to make sure your efforts produce real results? Here are three tactics to ensure that your curation efforts are noticed, appreciated, and rewarded. Continue reading

Content Curation Resolutions: 8 Tools to Try in 2016

Published: 2015-12-31

Resolving to add some new skills, capabilities, and ideas to your content marketing arsenal in 2016? Check out these tools that can help you enhance your content offerings without adding to (and maybe even reducing) your stress level. Continue reading

Content Metrics: Assessing the Real Impact of Curation

Published: 2015-11-30

If you’re a marketer relying on curated content as part of your content marketing strategy, you should know the best metrics to measure content curation effectiveness. Here’s what you should care about – and what you shouldn’t. Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Content Curation [White Paper]

Published: 2015-01-19

This 80+ page guide, featuring over 30 marketing experts, will teach you how to get started with content curation. This guide will show you why content curation is important, what content curation is and how you can put curation to … Continue reading

The Powerful Content Curation Tool You’re Not Using

Published: 2014-09-03

Content curation is all the rage right now. But finding all this great content is time consuming. Fortunately for content marketers, there’s an incredibly powerful social media tool that doubles as a search engine for finding new content to curate. Beneath Pinterest’s soft exterior lies the makings of a content curation machine. Learn more about the powerful tool you’re probably not using. Continue reading

9 Content Curation Ideas for Bulking Up Your Editorial Calendar

Published: 2014-07-28

This is the year of content curation. Creating original content on a consistent basis can require a lot of dedicated resources, both human and financial. So what’s a resource-constrained marketer to do? Bulk up your editorial calendar with these 9 content curation ideas. Continue reading

5 Steps to Global Content Curation That Reaches Your Gooooaaal

Published: 2014-07-27

If global content curation is your goal and multiple languages are involved, just clicking “share” is more likely to get you into a world of trouble than into your target markets. Global content curation requires more than the standard components of content marketing. Use these 5 steps to reach your global curation goals. Continue reading

Can Facebook Compete in Content Curation and Search?

Published: 2014-02-08

In this week’s PNR podcast, Joe and Robert talk about the content curation considerations involved in Facebook’s launch of Paper; the company’s ambitions for rivaling Google in search; Chipotle’s entrée into the world of comedic content creation; and the general confusion around the definition of relevance, before wrapping up with this week’s #ThisOldMarketing example: iFly Magazine from KLM Airlines. Continue reading