By Chris Gillespie published September 28, 2020

How to Find Writers and Help Them Deliver Successful Content

Updated Sept. 28, 2020

Below the erupting mass of new digital content – billions of new articles every month – a secret army labors tirelessly.

Wherever you see marketers launching e-books, running webinars, promoting blogs, and crafting events, these artisans are hammering, hacking, and whittling the words. These are the writers who make the content marketing world run. And alas, much of what they produce is junk.

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By Content Marketing Institute Team published September 25, 2020

Drumming Up Fans, Battling Beautifully, and Voicing Makers [The Weekly Wrap]

This week, we talk about a famous drummer who thrilled a YouTube phenom (and the rest of us) with personalized content, a national pharmacy that knows that how you look is important too when you’re battling cancer, and a cheeky clothing brand that tells unifying stories of makers, from a pastry chef to a chainsaw artist.

Let’s get going.

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